App_Code folder in SharePoint – Custom web services in SharePoint – Part 1

On the way of explaining the process of implementing custom web services in
SharePoint, I thought of telling you the advantage of App_Code folder in
SharePoint. So, Please read Add a Web service 2.0 in SharePoint 2007 step by step before continue here.

If you are a .NET developer then you know the advantage of App_Code folder.
When I am new to SharePoint technology, I thought like we can't add App_Code
folder in SharePoint root folder because i didn't find it in the virtual
directory path. […/Inetpub/wwwroot/…../] But few days back, when I got time, I
want to do experiment on the App_Code folder in SharePoint. So, what are the
advantages and how to do it please follow below steps.

  • Go to SharePoint web site virtual directory file system path. There you can
    find web.config file, _app_bin, App_Browsers etc…
  • Create a folder named App_Code.
  • Copy a class file [.cs], which you want to use in SharePoint coding inside
    the App_Code folder.

Now, you can access this class any where in the SharePoint web site. Very
useful one right?