Create infopath form in Sharepoint 2010 -Tutorial

InfoPath forms are easy to create and deploy to SharePoint. To create an InfoPath form, follow these steps:

1. Create a Custom list called "Customers" in your SharePoint site. Create three columns entitled Contact Name, Email, and Phone Number. Make all of the fields of type "Single line of text."

2. Open InfoPath 2010 and click File.

3. Double-click the SharePoint List template.

4. In the Data Connection Wizard, enter the URL for the SharePoint site and click Next.

5. Click the Customize an Existing SharePoint List radio button, and then select the Customers list.

6. Accept the default name for the connection on the next step of the wizard, and click Finish.

7. When complete, InfoPath will generate a form that maps to the fields you created in your Customers list.

8. You can click Preview to preview the form, or you can click the Quick Publish button (to the right of the Save icon) to publish the form to SharePoint. When it is published, InfoPath will prompt you with a successful publish message.

9. To use the form in SharePoint, navigate to your SharePoint site and click Site Actions ➪ Edit Page.

10. Click "Add a web part." Click the Office Client Applications category, and select InfoPath Form Web Part. Click Add.

11. SharePoint exposes the default InfoPath capabilities, but you need to map it to a particular form. To do this, select "Click here to open the tool pane."

12. In the "Lists or Library" drop-down, select the Customers list and leave all of the other default options. Click OK. SharePoint renders the InfoPath form you created in the SharePoint Web part.

13. To use the InfoPath form, click the Forms Edit tab. Add some data to the form and click Save. The data you enter into the form will be saved in the Contacts list.