How to Display SharePoint version in word documents for Content types

I had a requirement where I needed some metadata fields like Version in the word document of a specific content type. Following this article from Microsoft i was able to add the properties(or columns) and also my Version property(following steps below) in my document template but the questions was how would i do that for a content type? Since the content type is created at the Site level and when the template is applied to it, it is not associated with any of the libraries.

Well not straight forward but a workaround solved my issue. I modified the template ( keeping No to using content types for the library) and added all my custom properties into it. Also, added the version using the below steps -

Go to the document library where you plan to store your version-controlled documents.
Click on Settings > Document Library Settings
Click on “Versioning settings” and make sure that you’re either having it “create major versions” or “create major and minor (draft) versions”.
Click OK.
Click on “Information management policy settings”
Select “Define a policy…” and click OK.
Check the “Enable Labels” box, but don’t check either of the other two boxes in that section.
Type {_UIVersionString} into the “Label format” box.
Click on the “Refresh” button to see a preview of your version label. It will say something like {_UIVersionString}
Click OK.

After this copied the template from the explorer view to my local desktop. Next, created a new content type and in
Content type properties -> Advanced Settings ( in SharePoint 2010) -> “Upload a new document template”. Browse the template saved earlier and click ok.

Next, in document library click add your new content type and you will have all the columns and document properties like version in your content type.