How to Set the Shortened URL for the link in SharePoint

Company which some users find SharePoint inconvenient to use, they are IT elites play the familiar tools, and felt bad to find something else to play, to find some open source wiki ride site. There is a common problem is that the site is too deep, some URL is too long, often can not remember things on where to go. To encourage and solid these "critical" user, found about the internet, find the two can shorten the URL where the sharepoint solution in codeplex.

1. SharePoint URL Shortener Feature 

This feature allows the user to generate a short URL by the contents of  sharepoint, such as documents, emails, navigation links, either custom, can also automatically like microblogging randomly generated, such as http://server/url/abcxyz. To participate in the following screenshot:

2. Get Short Link

This is sandboxed solutions, mainly for the document library. Get Short Link Menu will be display inthe robbin toolbar after deployed wsp. Usage to participate in the screenshot. Very similar to the randomly generated short URL of Twitter.

The second feature can download the source code on Codeplex, optimization and expansion according to your requirements to be done.

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