Several types of field assignment and getting value methods of sharepoint2010

1. date type of queries need to be converted,method as follows:

//Conversion time

string startdate = SPUtility.CreateISO8601DateTimeFromSystemDateTime(DateTime.Now);

2. Obtain the value of the user types:

public List<WorkManEntity> GetUsersFromSPFieldUser(SPListItem item,string key)  {      List<WorkManEntity> fUsers = new List<WorkManEntity>();       SPFieldUser uField = item.Fields[key] as SPFieldUser;      //This place can not judge the election, if the radio can get rid of
     if (uField.AllowMultipleValues)  // Allow multiple selections      {            SPFieldUserValueCollection userValues = item[key] as SPFieldUserValueCollection;            foreach (SPFieldUserValue userValue in userValues)            {                 if (null != userValue.User)                 {                      WorkManEntity user = new WorkManEntity();                      user.LookUpID = userValue.LookupId;                      user.LookUpValue = userValue.LookupValue;                      user.loginName = userValue.User.LoginName;                      //add list                      fUsers.Add(user);                 }             }       }        return fUsers;  } 3. assigned to the user type
SPFieldUserValueCollection uvc = new SPFieldUserValueCollection();  SPUser pu = web.EnsureUser(user.loginName);   uvc.Add(new SPFieldUserValue(web, pu.ID, pu.Name));  //user type
 newListitem["Overtime member"] = uvc;

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