Create content type in Sharepoint 2010

Content types are very versatile, and creating a content type is fairly straightforward. To create one, follow these steps:

1. Click Site Actions ➪ Site Settings.

2. Click "Site content types" and then click Create.

3. Provide a Name (for example, Beginning_SharePoint_Tutorial) and Description (for example, "Template for Tutorials") for the content type, and then select the parent content type (Document Content Types and Document). You can also choose to create a new category for your content type.

4. When the content type is created, click Advanced Settings on the Site Content Type Information page. Here you can upload a specific template for the content type, or you can provide a link to the document if you've uploaded into SharePoint already.Note that you can upload the document into a document library, and then add that URL into the appropriate field. When finished, click OK.

5. At this point, either create a new document library or navigate to an existing one with which you want to associate the custom template(content type).

6. After you navigate to the document library, on the ribbon click the Library tab and then Library Settings.

7. Click Advanced Settings, and then click Yes for the "Allow management of content types?" checkbox.

8. Click OK to return to the document library settings page.

9. On the Advanced Settings page, click the "Add from existing site content types" link to add your new content type to the document library. In the Available Site Content Types list, find the custom content type you created, and then click the Add button to move that content type into the "Content types to add" list.

10. You can also choose to not display other content types, so only your content type will show up. To do this, click Change New Button Order and Default Content Type and unclick the Visible checkbox for the Document content type, and ensure that your content type is checked.

11. Now you can navigate to your document library and click New Document. Your custom "Template for Tutorials " will be the one to appear to the end user.