Hhow to Export\Import a webpart in Sharepoint 2010

To save the web part and use it again, you must export the web part and then import it to the other page. Following is the process to do that.

Export a Web Part -
Exporting a web part involves saving the web part's settings as a file to your computer. Not all web parts support this option, and in some web parts, the owner of the page
may choose to disable this option. In those cases, you should look in the options in that web part's properties tool pane to see whether the option to allow the web part to be exported is enabled.

Note – Not all web parts have this option; some web parts cannot be exported.

Steps are -
1. To export a web part that allows exporting, switch the page that has the web part to editing mode.
2. Once done, hover your mouse over the web part's title row.
3. Doing so exposes a small black triangle on the right corner of the title row. Click this triangle and expose the web part's drop-down menu.
4. If the web part allows exporting, the Export option appears on the menu.
5. After you select the Export option, a File Download dialog appears, allowing you to save the web part to your computer. You can save the file anywhere on your computer so that you can import it later.

Import a Web Part –

1. To import a web part that you have previously saved to your computer, open the page in editing mode and click the web part zone where you want the web part to be added, as if you were adding a new web part.
2. When the dialog with the list of web parts appears, instead of selecting a web part from the list, click the Upload a Web Part link shown under the Categories box.
3. When you click this link, you see a button to browse and a button to upload the file you have exported.