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SharePoint 2010 Development Introduction Video
In this video Paul Andrew talsk about whats new in SharePoint 2010 for
developers and also tells you about new solution and packaging methods in
sharePoint 2010.

2010 Out-of-box Webparts -
In this Video you will see how to use
Out-of-Box Sharepoint 2010 webparts.
See the Video at SharePoint
2010 build-in Webparts

Visual WebPart in SharePoint 2010 -
In this Video presenter will show you
how to create a simple Visual WebPart in SharePoint 2010. If you need the
Introdcution to the WebParts in SharePoint 2010, please see  @ Sharepoint 2010 WebPart Tutorial
See the video at Visual
WebPart for SharePoint 2010

Create a Sandbox Soltuion WebPart - In this
Video you will learn how to create a new
custom webpart as a Sandboxed
See the Video Sandbox
Soltuion in SharePoint 2010

Application Pages, Ribbon and Silverlight in
SharePoint 2010 -
In this Video you will learn what are the changes in
application pages or _layouts pages in sharepoint 2010 and also how do you
customize the Ribbon.
See Video at : Application
pages and Ribbon in SharePoint 2010

Creating BCS solutions With SharePoint 2010 -
This will talk about BCS (Business Connectivity Services) solutions, What they
are and how do make the BCS VS solutions.
See the video : BCS
in SharePoint 2010