Sharepoint 2010 WebPart Tutorial - Dig SharePoint

Webparts as you know are Reusable components that can be deployed and added to
many different sharepoint site pages. In this post we will talk about custom and
Out-of-box webparts in SharePoint 2010.

In sharePoint 2010 we can create
two kind of custom WebParts :

1. Visual
WebPart -
While creating a Visual webpart you will have a design
interface available with you, where you can simply drag and drop checkboxes,
labels or your own custom controls to make up the webpart UI. To add the
business logic, a code behind file is also attached to the

Technically, a Visual webpart in SharePoint 2010 is a ascx User
Control that is hosted inside a standard webpart. If you notice that the
webpart class does not now inherit form a
Microsoft.SharePoint.webpartpages.webparts or System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts
instead it inherits from UserControl namespace.

2. Standard AsP.NET WbeParts - Here you will
have to build uo your user interface and logic in a class file. Unlike, visual
webpart standad webparts in SharePoint 2010 does not gives you any drag
and drop design surface for developing WebPart UI. This type of webpart Inherits
from Standard ASP.Net webpart instead of UserControl or

WebPart Packaging
Visual Studio 2010 package and deploy webparts when you press Clt + F5.
It has a packaging and deployment processor which will create the needed
solution package for your webpart and will deploy it in your sharepoint site.
You can then add the webparts on any sharepoint site page from webpart

See WebPart examples at this Video :
2010 webparts

Lets talk about Out-of-Box webparts - In sharePoint
2010 many new Out-of-Box webparts are available for better representation of
SharePoint data. You will initially see few categories in the Add Webpart pane
but if you go to Site Actions->galleries and WebParts, you can add various
other webparts available into your categories.